How Did I Not Tell You?

I just realized I’ve keeping something from you….so yep, I’ll spill the beans.

My kids are bloggers!  I am not sure what I’ve been doing the last month or so, but I’ve neglected to tell you that my kiddos (and some of yours, too!) have begun a fabulous new blogging journey, and we’d love you to join us on it. 🙂

I started blogging with this group of kiddos the same way that I have the past two years, which I wrote about here.  It has been a great thing for us as learners already, and I am so impressed with how so many kiddos have taken the ball and RUN!!

We’d love it if you could jump over to our blogs and have a look–and more importantly LEAVE A COMMENT or two to help continue the conversations we’ve started over there.

Check us out at and join in on the fun!  See you there! 🙂

3 thoughts on “How Did I Not Tell You?

  1. Hey ms. bearden my mom told me that you wanted me to talk to you. so i guess my writing has i think
    gotten better. Its been a good tie with you.

  2. Can you tell me how much time you schedule for writing on the blog each week? Do you give them topics to write about or do you let them choose? Have you had any issues with students leaving other students negative comments or do you check comments before they are posted?
    Also, your link doesn’t work. I found the kidblog by typing in the address you posted. The link takes me to an error page.

    • Kathy,
      Thanks for your comment! First of all, thanks for the heads up about that link–I’ll make sure to get it fixed ASAP. 🙂 Ok, now about your other question…I do not necessarily make a certain amount of time for blogging each week. There are certain things we always blog about (our thoughts at the beginning and end of each unit, for instance), but a lot of the other posts we do either come up in our conversations (and then I will decide it’s something we should all write about), or the kids decide on their own that they want to write a certain post. It is always a choice for morning work when they first come in, and is a homework option every night, too. Many kiddos find time during the day, too, in Writers’ or Readers’ Workshop, depending on the topic. I have not had any trouble with inappropriate comments, which I think is for two reasons: we did a lot of up front work about the purpose of comments and the expectations for them, and also because I moderate them all, and so kiddos know that nothing inappropriate will be posted. This is the 3rd year I’ve blogged with my class, and it has always been great. Are you blogging with your students? How is it going? 🙂


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