Headbandz: 5th Grade Style

This blogging challenge has been a good motivation for me to keep up with the loads of things that have been going on that I want to tell you about.  And yes, you may have noticed that I am taking a few liberties with how I define it.  But hey, rules were meant to be broken, right? (Uh oh…kids, cover your ears…:) ).  But so far, I have (including this one) the same number of posts as the days of the month.  That equals a win for me.

We’re still doing many great things together to build our 5th grade community.  In my mind, community building is really a year-long thing, not just a beginning-of-the-year thing, but for sure we hit it hard right now.  So the other day, we played a game that my team had put on our original plan: Headbandz (which was an idea shared by Ms. Turken–she is full of so many amazing things to do!).  If you have ever played this game, then you know it’s a ton of fun.  We actually have a Disney version of the game here (not surprised, I’m sure!) where you have to guess which Disney character you are.  And the headbands are shaped like Mickey ears, which is really cute. 🙂

Ok, but back to our 5th grade version: each kiddo had the name of another student in our class taped to their forehead and the goal was to figure out who it was.  The basic rules are that you can only ask yes/no questions, and those questions should be related to the person, not their name (so asking about the way it’s spelled or how long it is, etc., is not allowed).

Once everyone had their name, we got started.  And I know I keep relating this game to Headbanz, but Ke’Von reminded us as we got started that it’s really just a real-life version of Guess Who–I totally hadn’t thought of that, and it was perfect!

IMG_1291 IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1300And yes, in case you were wondering, I played, too.  So did Mr. Shelton, but somehow I didn’t get a good picture of him.

IMG_1298I loved how much fun they had with this.  They asked to play again, and many mentioned that it was one for their favorite things from the week!  We did something really cool related to this next, but I’ll have to tell you about it in another post because I don’t have good pictures of it on my computer yet.  What a great reason to come back and visit soon!

5 thoughts on “Headbandz: 5th Grade Style

  1. Mrs. B that sounds like a lot of fun!! We did some thing like that in ELA. Only with our summer reading books. I read Peter and the Star Catchers. What we did was we had names of characters on our back. And we had to go around the room asking yes and no questions to figure out who we where!! It was tons of fun!!
    Sophia S

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  3. Mrs. Bearden,
    We like how you used details on how to play the game, Headbandz. We also liked how you included a lot of pictures because it shows us what the game looked like. Do you remember who had your name on their forehead? We also saw a post about Headbandz – Part 2, and we are excited to read that post too!
    Ms. Turken’s Class

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