Ok, So I’m Unplugging…

I was on Twitter this afternoon and saw this.  Kind of ironic that it was on Twitter, right, considering the topic?

Well, after thinking about it all day, I’ve decided to take the challenge of Screen-Free Week.Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 9.47.39 PM

I have to be really honest–I’m not sure I’m going to make it!  But it’s because of the amount of time I know I am “plugged in,” connected, in front of a screen (sometimes more than one at a time!), that I think it’s important.  I shared the goal with my son tonight and he was less than impressed (because as a 5YO that meant he couldn’t play Lego Batman this week–oh no!).  For me, it means no Facebook, no Twitter, no blogging (what??), no games, less texting, and no TV.  I’m excited about all of the conversations I’ll have, books I will read, entries I will put in my Writer’s Notebook, muffins I’ll bake, miles I’ll run and all the other things I may not even be aware of that I could do with my time. Ooo, I have a couple of sewing projects calling my name, too…. 🙂

My students will read this tomorrow morning as they are welcomed back to school on a (hopefully) bring Monday morning.  And they will be asked to take the challenge with me.  Because if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it!

So, 5th grade friends…

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts about Screen-Free Week.  Are you willing to commit to unplugging this week?  Think of all of the other things you could do with your time instead!  What will you do with your time this week? 

And so I say goodbye to cyberspace for a little while.  I’m hoping I come out on the other side more enlightened, better read, happier and more productive.  I hope that it helps me appreciate all that is around me (instead of just what is in front of me).  I know I be writing about it when we’re finished (along with my 5th grade friends who also accepted the challenge with me), and hopefully will have great things to share!  See you next week, friends!

Anybody else want to take this challenge with me to be SCREEN-FREE?

18 thoughts on “Ok, So I’m Unplugging…

  1. I think it’s a great idea because I think that we get too involved in the gadgets and other stuff like that. I will take the challenge. Which means for me no t.v.,no IPad, no eletroncics.

  2. I will take the challenge with you (and some of my family members are too). I think that going screen free is a great idea because then you can realize all the things you can do when you aren’t on a screen as much.

  3. I don’t think I want to do it because my whole life is on a electronic [and plus Ive done it before (its not fun)] So I’m not going to do it. Sorry

  4. I think that I could never ever ever ever ever try this! Maybe I could go a day or two without any screens on! I would like to see my sister try this…..:) If I did try this, though, I would probably do with the time I would now have so much time to look at the thing around me! I would have more time to go outside, and play basketball. I could do more gymnastics out in the front yard! It would be hard, but I could do it! I’m not sure if the rest of the class can though…:)

  5. I would like to be able to say that I went a week screen-free.
    But I do not think I would be able to give up texting,facetime, and games. So my answer would most likely be no, but I will try to be on my screen less of the time, but not absolutely no screen.

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