World Read Aloud Day!

Last week were AMAZED as Lisa Campbell Ernst came to share her writing life with us.  But on Wednesday we were DOUBLE AMAZED when she agreed to Skype with us to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day 2013.  We’re kind of spoiled around here. 🙂

As I mentioned in my original post, I was trying not to be a groupie, but was forward enough to ask her to help with us with our WRAD plans.  Surprisingly, she said yes, and so I began thinking about what we could do together.

I knew my friends were dying to ask her many more things about her writing life, and specifically to see more of what her writing studio looked like.  And because it was read aloud day, we hoped she would read to us, too!

When she was here, she had told us all about the process of writing The Gingerbread Girl.  She also told us about how she got the idea for the sequel to it: The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers.  As I remembered this detail, I knew that was the book I wanted her to read!

So we settled in for our Skype call with her, and has 40 or so kindergarteners join us for the experience!  I invited my son, Riley’s, class to come up and hear the story (partly because I knew they’d love the book, but selfishly because I knew HE would love it–we are always talking about books and authors at home!).  Then Ms. Weidinger shared it with Ms. Heifner and they came along, too!  WOW–what a great bunch of kiddos gathered to share such a great day!

Look at all those kiddos!

Look at all those kiddos!  It’s really cool that little kids and big kids alike can share an experience like this one!

First she read to us.  Here’s a little snippet (although now I’m a little sad I didn’t record the whole story!):

Man, it must be crazy cool (and a little bit weird) to be able to read a REAL book that YOU wrote to other people.  I’m a little jealous.

After we enjoyed her sharing her story with us (which is a MUST READ in our opinion!), our little friends left and we settled in to chat with our new best author friend!  We had some great questions left over from our time with her last week: Will you ever write an autobiography?  Do you like writing fiction or nonfiction better? Can we see more of your office?

Then Peter asked how she made up the little rhymes she used in her Gingerbread Girl books.  Her answer, which made sense, was that a lot of it was just trial and error.  But she also shared with us a handy-dandy tool that we now know no writer should be without:

What an amazing visit with an amazing lady!  I, for one, was inspired to get myself published, and I know my students were inspired as well!  What a treat!  THANK YOU LISA!

How did you celebrate World Read Aloud Day?  Who is your favorite author?  Have you every Skyped with an author?  If so, who? Tell us about it!

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