Literature Circle Reflection

Happy Thursday, friends!

I can’t believe that you’ve made it through your first round of Literature Circles already!  You did a FABULOUS job of being responsible with your reading, asking thoughtful questions and engaging in a civil discussion with your classmates!

Now that you’re finished, I want you to reflect on how it went.  On your blog, please respond in sentences to these questions:

1. What was your favorite thing about the Literature Circle process?  Give reasons for your thinking.

2. What was a question you asked that really got your group talking?  Why did it?

3. What is something you wish, if you participated in another Literature Circle?

4. Give some ideas for a book you might like to read with another group.  Be sure to captitalize and underline the title, and write the author if you know it. 🙂

I can’t wait to read your reflections!  Happy writing!

Mrs. Bearden