Goals 2013

Good morning, friends!  So here we go: our first in-the-moment and let’s-show-our-thinking-on-the-blog post!  As we get started this morning, follow these directions:

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.15.50 AM

Now you try!  Think of a specific, measurable goal for YOU for 2013, and leave your idea as a comment on this post.   Don’t forget to leave your name!  Good luck and happy goal planning, friends!  I can’t wait to see what FABULOUS things you come up with. 🙂


61 thoughts on “Goals 2013

  1. My goal is to focus on school in school, and everything else somewhere else! I will sit at the front of the class, and I’ll know I achieved my goal because my grades will go up.

  2. My goal for 2013 is to be better at math. I will know if I achieved it because my test scores and grades will be higher. To get to my goal I will get on sumdog more, and practice my basic facts.

    • I don’t think I have achieved my goal because I have not been practicing my math fact and have not been playing sumdog.

    • I don’t think achieved my goal because I didn’t practice math facts or play sumdog. But I will try my very hardest to complete it over the summer!!!! 🙂

  3. HI!! Well my goal is to get all 4s on my basic facts!How I am going to make sure that happens is I am going to study more! And how I now I have achived my goal is my binder well say 4s. 🙂

  4. My goal in class for 2013 is to not talk in the line.To do this I’m not going to stand near the people I talk with.I will know I achieved if I don’t talk to my friends in the line.

  5. My goal is to get my highest reading levle I have ever achieved. I am going to achive my goal by reading as many books as I can before the year ends. I will use status of the class to help me out with my goal!

  6. My first goal for 2013 is, when I’m reading, I should right down words that I don’t understand for spelling tests. My second goal is to, when I don’t understand whats going on, instead of interrupting, I should listen REALLY well, then if I still have questions, I will ask them later. My third goal for 2013 is: When I work with people who I don’t work with a lot, I should get to know them first, before I might work with them. My fourth goal is to get a lexile higher than 1,024.

    • My goals for 2013 went pretty well. But, I did not write down many words for spelling lists. Part of that is because we have not been doing spelling tests that often. For my second goal (listening instead of interrupting) I think I did pretty well. But do you call interrupting raising your hand while the teacher is talking? Maybe. 😦

      For my third goal, I don’t think I worked on that one a lot. Dang. 😦 But that is one that I will try to remember for Nipher ( 🙂 ) next year.And for my last goal (getting a lexile over 1,024) that goal was reached! (Oh yeah!) After that, my lexile was 1,080, then it was 1,00, then 1,050. Pretty good!

      Hope you in joyed my goals! Happy summer! 😛

  7. My goal for 2013 is to practice long division, basic facts, and 2 by 3 (or) 3 by 3 multiplication at home every night for 15 minuets a night.

  8. My goal is to write more good stories instead of paragraphs of unfinishedness. How I will do it is during free write I will look for paragraphs of unfinishedness and add to it!

    • No more paragraphs of unfinishedness left and guess what I don’t (gasp) have any more paragraphs of unfinishedness.

  9. My goal is to get 3 on my basic facts. I will know I achieved it when we do basic facts tests in class. I will work with my dad at home.

  10. My goal for the rest of the year is to get a 3 on subtraction basic facts. I am going to make that happen by doing Sumdog.com and practicing subtraction. I will know I did my goal by the next time I do subtraction basic facts and I will see my grade on the paper.

      • So am I! So excited! Today I might play Sumdog.com and do subtraction! Basic facts can be difficult but you just have to keep on working at it and you will achieve it!

        • I got 3s on my basic facts! Also to get better at them I will practice them during the summer and get better and better at them.

  11. I have a lot of goals for this year. Now that it’s a new year, (2013) I have new goals and new achievements to achieve.:) My main goal for this year is too get a higher reading score. (since I’m in the 900’s, I want to get into the 1000’s) I want to get a higher reading score because I want to read higher and more interesting books. If I did get a higher reading score, I would also have a goal of reading a whole series of books. I have had high scores, but this one is the one time that I will try my best on. Now that I have realized that I actually have a goal, I will try my best to achieve a higher reading score!

    Have you ever wanted a higher reading score? What is your reading score now?

  12. My goal is that I will try to make my reading score go up. I will read more to help achieve my goal. I will know if I achieved my goal because when I take my SRI in March, I will see a higher score.

    • Jernandra, What a wonderful goal! I know you will succeed because you are a hard worker. If you ever need someone to read to, please come and read to me 🙂

  13. my goal is to find extremely difficult challenges in the new year(new origami, faster at division,etc.) while also focusing on the predicament with my family and how to fix it.

  14. My goal is to read (and finish) all of the books in the secret series. I will achieve this goal by setting a goal for myself to read a certain amount of pages each time I am reading to lead me to achieve my goal. How I will know how I achieved this goal is to make a list of the chapters in all of the books and check them off after I read them. When they are all checked off I will know that I have achieved my goal.

    • Love your goal, Anna Rose! My favorite word is”finish”!!!!! You have been so excited about these books, I want to read them, too!!!

    • I am very close to finishing all the books! I got very close to completing my goal because whenever I would read I would get sucked in and that made me read faster and longer.

  15. My goal in 2013 is getting better at doing fractions.I will know if I’m getting better if the edison has a fraction problem I will know the answer faster.

  16. My goal is to stop arguing. My plan is in Mrs. Wilson room. Mrs. Wilson sed that I will get to play my book bag if I go until Friday without arguing. All I need to do is say “ok” and move on.

  17. My goal for 2013 is to run a 5k under 22:56. I will reach that goal by practicing a lot. My other goal is to get a lexile over 1,000. I will reach that goal by practicing reading books at my leile. I will know I have completed that goal when I see my SRI score.

    • Well, I didn’t achieve my goal yet, but I will keep on running and practicing. Although, my goal for 2014 will be the same thing. Hopefully I accomplish it!

    • Well, I didn’t achieve my goal yet, but I will keep on running and practicing. Although, my goal for 2014 will be the same thing. Hopefully I accomplish it! P.S. I am doing track camp in the summer Mrs. Maldonado!

  18. Jen, What a great idea! Is it ok for me to reply to the kids’ posts—-I have some extra time today—taking a quiet day!!! I can’t remember if parents are ok to do this. I’m sure it was in another email, but……….. Thanks, MA

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  20. WOW! I just looked back at this 2 days from the last day and i actually remember writing this! I did achieve my goal! 1048! I think my goal for 2014 will be to get even higher! 🙂

  21. My goal was to do Better on the timed division. I got better at it but I am not the best I could be still on timed division. So my goal now would still be to work on my timed division. And another one of my goals would be to not go down at all on my SRI and get a higher score each time. I achieved that goal but might have gone down one time. And My goal on that is to keep getting a higher, and higher score each time.

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