ActivActivity–January 14-15, 2013

Today’s ActivActivity is related to the Math Warm-up we had the other day:


Your job today is to come up with a story that uses FRACTIONS and has an answer of 3/4.  Work together with  your group to write one, and if you have time after that one, write another!  Leave your story in the comments for this post, and be sure to leave your names!

8 thoughts on “ActivActivity–January 14-15, 2013

  1. Katy had a whole bag of marbles. She spilled 1/2 of the bag. Her sister gave her 1/4 of her bag. How many marbles does Katy have now?
    –Seamus, Sophia, Rebekah, and Jernandra.

  2. There are 4 jars of pickles in one package. I broke one jar by dropping it. (1\4) What fraction of jars from the package do I have left?

    – Ames,Devan, Sammy,Fiona, and Natalie!

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