Our Class is All a-“Twit”-er

Huh? Let me explain…:)
Remember the class meeting where we talked about origami class pets?  Well, shortly after that we decided (via a class vote) that we wanted Ames to make us a bird.  And because I am crazy addicted to Twitter, they wanted it to be a blue bird.  Love that!

Ames and some other friends have been working on him for a while now, and the finishing touches were made to his blue body on Friday.  They made him blue by coloring in a huge piece of poster board that was then expertly folded into the bird shape.  And they wanted me to have the honors of doing the last few strokes to make him official. Nice, right?  At first I was confused as to why they thought I needed to do this for them, but when I figured out that it was because this made the bird–who is named Twit–officially “ours,” I had to join in.
Here I am putting the finishing touches on the blue that became his body:


And here he is, on his nest at the back of one of our meeting areas.  Meet Twit!:


And here is the note that hangs just below where he sleeps:

Man, this class is a hoot!  LOVE THEM!

Does your class have a pet?  How did you decide on what to choose? Tell us the story!

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