It’s the Littlest Things…

On Thursday afternoon, we got a present.  Our phone rang and four of my boys went downstairs.  They came back with…

We knew it was coming, since we knew that our amazing principal, Mrs. Sisul, had ordered it for us.  But we didn’t know what it would look like or when it would be here.  It happened during Writer’s Workshop, and most kids were sitting at their tables.  Within 5 seconds of the rug’s appearance, this happened:

Don’t you love it?  Everyone ran over and plopped down on the carpet.  It’s very nice, almost shaggy, and very soft.  And it has that “new carpet” smell, which is also nice.

I mentioned that it was Writer’s Workshop, and what was really funny was that the rug then became the topic of several kiddo’s writing that day.   One friend wrote this entry:

Sorry…just realized it’s a little blurry, but hopefully you can see that it says NO MORE CHAIRS!  HA!

And when we got back to my classroom at the end of the day, my kindergartener, Riley, was as in love as my own students.  He got comfy while he waited for me to get ready to go home:

It’s so funny how sometimes it’s the littlest things, like a fabulous new rug, that came just make your day. Thanks, Mrs. Sisul! 🙂

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