Quote Worthy

I was trying to find a picture of the “before” here, but as usual, I don’t think about it until after I’ve changed it!  So I’ll just tell you to remember the closet on the side of our room that had doors covered in black paper….can you see them?  They have a yellow border around them, and were originally intended for this great idea I had for a graffiti wall that never came to be.

Well now, they’ve become something even better, in my opinion:

Every year, just for motivation in general, but especially for motivation before MAP testing, I start sharing quotes with the class.  We talk about what they mean to us in general, and then what they mean to us specifically related to taking an important test.  So far we’ve only talked about five of these, but the rest (and others to be added this week and next) are coming soon.  I love how this looks and how these doors serve as reminders for us of smart suggestions for our actions!

Ok, the question for you: What motivational quote can you share with us to add to our doors?  What are some words that you live by?  Please leave us your ideas in a comment and we’ll add them to our collection. 🙂

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