Call Me That Name Again

No, it’s not a challenge.  It’s a request: call me that name again. What name you ask?  I’ll tell you that part in a second.

First I have to apologize for the times I veer off the this-is-a-classroom-blog road and head down let-me-tell-you-a-story-about-myself lane for a bit.  I think it’s probably telling me that I need to start another blog.  But there’s time for that later.  Now back to that name…

I’ve been called many things in my life, starting with Jennifer–which makes sense since that’s my name.   For a long time when I was littler I was Jenny (sometimes spelled with an “i” and sometimes with a “y”), and some people (mainly family) still call me that today.  During junior high I apparently had an identity crisis, because I had a new name every week: Jen (with one “n”), Jenn (with two “n’s”), those two versions of Jenny, and then for a couple of days I had people calling me Jenna.  I know.  Weird.

Somewhere in college I started with Jen primarily, and now even introduce myself that way.  Only a few people call me Jennifer.

There are other things that they call me though, too.  Mrs. Bearden.  Wife.  Mom.  Sister.  Daughter.  Teacher.  Tweeter.  Reader.  Writer.  Crafter.  Blogger.  Then last summer I earned a new name–Runner–when I finally started my goal of losing weight and getting more active.  I was on a roll and loving every minute of my journey towards being able to run 5K without stopping.  This was a huge feat for someone who has never really exercised before, but I did it!  And then you know what I did?  I made that goal, along with my weight-loss goal, and then I stopped. Ugh!  November came and it was a little bit chilly outside, so I didn’t run one night.  And then I didn’t go out the next night.  And then by that time it was really cold outside and I wasnotmotivated to go outside and run.

So fast forward to today.  It was 80 and BEAUTIFUL today, and I went running again!  No, unfortunately, I couldn’t go out and instantly run my almost-4-miles I was up to a few months ago, but I was out there, getting back into it.  Walked a mile and ran one, too.  And I have a goal to run a 5k with my family in May.  So I’m out there again, and you can call me that name again: Runner.  And since I said it out loud to all the world to hear it, I will have all of you to hold me accountable, right?  🙂

What names do you call yourself?  What would you like to be called?  Maybe there’s a goal in there somewhere you can work towards…:)

4 thoughts on “Call Me That Name Again

  1. I am right there with you! I ran tonight and even though it was tough, it felt good to be back on track! You do have many names, and many talents, and I am so happy for you that you are back on the road! Way to go!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, friend! It’s funny–I could just hear the pavement calling my name. I COULDN’T stay inside. I’m looking forward to getting back to my old normal. I know I can count on you to be in there with me, too! You go, girl!

  2. Have you seen the Staples commercial where there are many clones of the same mom in one room, and another one of the clones walks into to the room asking where Tech Mom is because there is trouble connecting to the Internet? in the commercial, Tech Mom has quit, so they ended up getting help from Staples. I am Chef Mom, Cleaning Mom, Gardening Mom, Sydney’s Mom, Spencer’s Mom, Doctor Mom, Deacon Mom, Handyman Mom, Interior Designer Mom, Seamstress Mom, Craft Mom, Movie-editing Mom and Finance Mom. I guess you could add Golf Mom, Tennis Mom… Running Mom has gone AWOL after she ran a half-marathon last year. I am looking to become Yoga Mom if I can work it out with Finance Mom to work it into the budget.

    • WOW! I think you have me beat! Isn’t it amazing all the things that Moms can do?! I am inspired by all of the names on your list, and love how you make it all work. You do a great job at so many different things, Grace! Be sure to add Planning Mom to that list–5th Grade at Robinson would not be the same without you! And what about Fashion Mom, too? You can totally rock a great pair of boots. 🙂

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