One thought on “What We’re Reading

  1. Hi 5th graders~
    Love to share with you what we have been reading at my house. Bridget and I went to the library this weekend and she was over the moon, because the brand spanking new Magic Tree House Book (Abraham Lincoln At Last) was on the shelf! It beckoned to her, I swear. The Magic Tree House section is ALWAYS the first section we visit, no matter what. And, even though I really think we have read everyone of them, we always check out 3 or 4 to reread. Yes, we finished this one in a day and moved on to the other 3 we checked out.

    In other reading news at my house, we tried out two new recipes this week, so we were reading a favorite magazine: Real Simple. I read the newspaper everyday (a favorite way to spend time in the morning). Bridget read Put Me In the Zoo on Sunday night and her piano music, and Mr. Sisul has been reading his chemistry homework. Also, I read some great education articles sent to me from colleagues while Bridget was at gymnastics (don’t tell her I read when I am supposed to be watching her). And, I read my own “fun” book, which is not appropriate for 5th graders!

    What did you read over the weekend?
    Mrs. Sisul

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