Geometry Video

Ok, so the other day I posted about our first lesson in our new geometry unit.  I was a little frustrated by not being able to post videos, because I caught a great conversation about rotational symmetry that one group had.

After some smart thinking by my brother-in-law, I am attempting it again, using our newly created YouTube channel.  Let’s see if it works:

But anyhow, I hope you caught what was happening in that conversation.  The boys were working to put their geometry terms into groups and label them, and got to talking about rotational symmetry related to triangles.  Evan was trying to explain to Harry about how all triangles have rotational symmetry and was showing him with the picture on the post-it.  Harry–and then Dom, who you only hear but not see–help him with the idea that regular triangles, but not all triangles have rotational symmetry.

I love how you ask kids to do one thing, and then they take the conversation to other (and many times deeper) levels.  Great job, kiddos!

(And sorry to those of you who were annoyed by the quality of that video.  I’m still new to this part of blogging and uploading!  I’ll get better, I promise. 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Geometry Video

  1. What a cool discussion about geometry! If I had been able discuss this subject with my friends during fifth grade, I wouldn’t have been so afraid of it all throught school! “Math minds” are definitely in the making:)

    Thanks, Mrs. Bearden, for your hard work on making the video happen!!

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