Tooth #3!

The longer I am in first grade, the more I am learning the power (and the necessity) of slowing down and enjoying the moment.  Like this moment from yesterday:

IMG_3586Yep, Ella Marie lost our 3rd at-school tooth!  And while there are always a thousand things to do, and many, many things to learn (because there’s always a ton to do!), I am remembering every day that it is a BIG deal to lose a tooth, and especially to lose a tooth at school–I mean come on, you get the tooth necklace that way!  I am reminded that living in the moment is really important, and is often when some of the most meaningful learning experiences happen.  I have been with “big” kids for so long that I have forgotten some of the simple joys of life with 6 YOs, and am so glad to be reminded of them on a daily basis.  Happy lost tooth, Ella Marie! I’m glad I got to experience one of these firsts with you, kiddo! 🙂