Ever heard of a Squzzle?  I hadn’t either, until earlier this Spring when I was searching for some activities to use to help my kids with GRIT and persistence through struggles.  My friend, Mrs. Berger, who works with our gifted and talented kiddos (but helps us with countless other amazing things, too!), volunteered to share a big, ole crate of problem solving games with us to try, one of them being Squzzles.

Basically, Squzzles are square puzzles, made of 9 smaller squares covered with designs.  The challenge is that they only fit together one way, and the images spread from one piece to another.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 7.42.27 PM

Because there are so many talented Robinson Roadrunners working on Squzzles (Mrs. Berger has shared them with many other classes besides mine!), she started Squzzle Hall of Fame bulletin boards where you can get your picture posted when you finish a Squzzle.  Just thought it would be great to give our Squzzle puzzlers a shout-out here, too!  Check out the smart thinking and GRIT-using that has been happening!

Way to go, Rm. 202 problem solvers!  You are amazing!

Have you ever heard of Squzzles?  What other kinds of puzzles do you like to do?  Tell out about them! 🙂