It’s Been Too Long

Um…how did over a month pass without me putting ANYTHING on my blog?  I guess the honest answer is that the month of May was so crazy busy that we had time to DO amazing things and I didn’t have any time to WRITE about those amazing things.

And so now I find myself on summer break with all of this time on my hands, and I’m in a quandary:  should I go back and blog about those amazing things we did at the end of the year, or move on to the new things I’m thinking about and doing?  Seems disingenuous to just leave my kiddos behind and move on without wrapping up the year, so I guess I’ve just answered my own question.  I need to go back and tell you about the book trailer project we did, Field Day and the last day of school, my final reflections on going 1:1 with iPads.  You need to hear about how fabulous I thought this last class was, and how I just met up with Keelan’s family in Disney World when we were both on vacation.

Ok, decision made.  Now, beware–you’ll have lots of blog posts to read over the next few days.  Hope you’re ready!!