Birthday Flash Mob

Ever heard of a flash mob?  Ever seen one?  Well if you were at our school last Friday, March 30, you could have both seen one and participated in one like we did!

It was our principal, Mrs. Sisul’s, birthday that day, and our head custodian, Mr. Maus’ birthday was on Saturday.  So Mrs. Kesler, our music teacher, helped our whole school learn a dance that we surprised them with that afternoon.  The dance was planned by another 5th grade class, Mrs. LeSeure’s class from Rm. 202 next door.

Check out the video here:

After the flash mob-dancing-singing part, we all got to enjoy an ice cream sandwich treat before we went back to finish out our Friday.  What a great end to a great week back from Spring Break!

Check out how great we all look there on the driveway!  We’re getting ready to surprise Mrs. Sisul.



Mrs. Sisul sharing some hugs with our class!  WE LOVE HER!!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Maus, too!  (Sorry I got your balloons instead of your smiling face!)

One thing I love about our school is that we really know how to celebrate each other!  Great idea, Mrs. Kesler and super job on the dance, Mrs. LeSeure’s class!

How do you celebrate birthdays at your school?  Have you ever seen or been a part of a flash mob?  Tell us about it!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bearden!

Today I was surprised.  Really surprised.  By kids.  And the best part?  It was because they were being amazingly sweet to me.

Let me back up a few days….my actual birthday was last Tuesday.  I was unfortunately sick that day, though, so didn’t get to celebrate with my class at school.  They were a little bummed, but planned to redo the whole happy birthday thing the next day.  But then I was sick on Wednesday, too! Thursday and Friday were crazy days around school for various reasons, and so no birthday talk those days either.

So fast forward to yesterday.  Many kids brought me gifts (thanks a million, guys!) and cards, and so I thought that was the surprise.  I was feeling really blessed and really loved by my students.

And then they did it again. 🙂

After lunch we usually have read-aloud.  But today, because of our Thanksgiving Dinner project, we returned to what we had be doing before we left.  That meant that they were working independently rather than all with me, and so had a little more leeway to be sneaky.  And sneaky they were!  I was hanging up a poster on the wall and my friend E came and started to ask a question.  Then said, “Oh, sorry, I forgot what I was going to ask you.”  I thought nothing of it, but then a second or two later he said, “Oh, I remember what I wanted….” and all of a sudden everyone was singing!  Next thing I knew, there were 24 5th graders smiling and singing, holding more presents and cards and presenting lots of ice cream treats!  Two big tubs of ice cream and 24 ice cream sandwiches later, I felt very loved and celebrated and a little bit sick because of such great goodies.

They got a big kick out of the fact that I really didn’t know what was going on!  Thanks, families, if you had a part in my happy birthday celebration today!