Hi!! Welcome back to our blog!  It’s been a BUSY start to this new year and I have SO MUCH TO SHOW YOU!!  Last year I decided to create a “home page” so to speak where I collected all the posts I wrote from the beginning days.  Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find them–bookmark this page and then you can revisit it frequently to find what’s new, subscribe so you can be sure NOT TO MISS ANYTHING, or you could even use the tags on the side (these will all be found under the FIRST DAYS tag).  Ok, let’s get this party started!!

First Day of First Grade 2017


#FDOFG2017–We’ve Got GRIT

#FDOFG2017–Principal Read Aloud and #classroombookaday Begins!

#FDOFG2017–Choice Time!

#FDOFG2017–Box Challenge

#FDOFG2017–Readers Gonna Read (Part 1)

#FDOFG2017–Readers Gonna Read (Part 2)  

First Grade Favorite Things

#FDOFG2017–Math in First Grade

#FDOFG2017–Math in First Grade: Take 2

#FDOFG2017–Nature Hunt!

#FDOFG2017–David’s Drawings

LEGO Lessons: Leading and Following

#FDOFG2017–Drawing Starts

#FDOFG2017–Ten Black Dots

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