Not a Box!

One of my favorite beginning-of-the-year things that happens at our school in first grade is a series of lessons that Mrs. Berger, our teacher of the Gifted and Talented, does with kiddos.  The first one is based on the book Not a Box, and is a series of drawing starts.

We showed up in her room last Friday and she first read to us:

The bunny in the story has a box…that is not a box, but is loads of other interesting things in his imagination.  After the book, kiddos were given the same invitation to take something and make it “not that thing” by adding details and thinking, well, outside the box.  hee hee

Creativity is such an important part of learning, and seeing things in more than one way is a skill that I hope to be always encouraging and fostering in my kiddos.  Check out what we did so far!

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Great start, Rm. 202 kiddos!  Excited to see what you do next time with Ten Black Dots!