Getting on the Bus by Donalyn Miller

Sometimes when you read someone else’s blog post you just wish you would have said those same words. This was one of those times. Instead of writing my response, I’ll just reblog the original ones. Donalyn Miller said them better than I could have anyway. I COMPLETELY agree with the huge responsibility we have as teachers to share our reading lives with kiddos and help them become life-long readers and thinkers themselves.

Nerdy Book Club

Last Monday, a tiny corner of the world celebrated the announcements of the American Library Association’s 2016 Youth Media Awards. Watching the announcements via live streaming, I switched between jotting book titles in my notebook, Voxing my excitement to my #bookaday group, clapping and hooting, and texting friends who were attending the announcements in person. The celebration continued online all week as authors and illustrators shared their gratitude on social media, and in-the-know librarians and teachers commented on the books we enjoyed, the books we missed (and immediately ordered), and the books we wanted to share with our students and children.

There was also a bit of armchair quarterbacking about who won and who didn’t win. I am surprised when some of the people who question a book’s merit admit they haven’t read it. Judging a book by its cover? It seems some feel confident judging a book by…

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2 thoughts on “Getting on the Bus by Donalyn Miller

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am so interested I reading this one myself, it’s the first time a “picture” book has won the Newberry.

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