Another One?

This one just needs a picture to tell the story, really.

IMG_5523-minI don’t know what it is with little boys and those ring things on the playground, but everyone keeps falling off of them!  Evan’s such a trooper though, and a camo cast sure does look tough, doesn’t it? 🙂

One thought on “Another One?

  1. Dear Mrs. Bearden’s Class,
    We liked reading your recommendations. Now we want to share our favorite book that we’ve read this year. It is Geronimo Stilton and the Secret of Cacklefur Castle. It is one of a series of books about Geronimo. We think you will enjoy these books because they are funny. Geronimo will definitely make you laugh! When we voted, The Tale of Despereaux came in at a close second. We think you might enjoy that book, too. Happy reading!
    Mrs. Rajab’s 2nd Grade Class at Westchester

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