Pictures of the Day: May 27, 2015–FIELD DAY!!

This one is probably best described with a slide show.  The day was so full of fun and activities that I took lots and lots of pictures.  We had a great time moving and grooving with our Learning Buddies.  Even though it was raining, Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Manees planned an AMAZING indoor field day for us all to enjoy.  THANK YOU!!!

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Pictures of the Day: May 26, 2015 (a little late….)

Yes, I know it is June 22.  Just go with me here, ok? 🙂

There was only one (ok, well, two) pictures that we could have chosen to celebrate this day.  And they had to involve this handsome fella:


Our dear friend Diego had been gone from us for a while, and this was his first day back. We were over the moon to see him again before summer break started!!


See? Us over the moon that our friend came home. 🙂 (And ok, maybe we were a little excited that there were only 3 days left until summer break…)