Becoming a Writer: It Starts Here!

It’s no secret that I LOVE writing.  Besides just doing it, I read about it, talk about it and LOVE teaching it.  I am sure you’ve read those posts here, and if you haven’t, why you take a minute and do so?  It’ll be worth your while, I promise! (In addition to the posts I linked, you could check out the writing tab or category for more about what writing looks like in my classroom).

So it’s also no secret that I was a little sad about leaving what “big kid” writers do.  When I first learned about my move back to primary, I lamented the lessons I wouldn’t teach about using the Writer’s Notebook, conversations I wouldn’t have and craft lessons that I wouldn’t be able to include in my Writer’s Workshop; first grade writing is more about becoming a writer than being a writer.  In short, I felt like I was leaving a little bit of myself in 5th grade–a part of me that I would really miss.

And yet, the more days I spend with my little writers the more I’m remembering the joy of teaching beginning writers.  The wonder and amazement that they come to my lessons with is priceless.  The smiles on their faces as they share stories of learning to ride a bike, tackle a scary roller coaster or ride to school and wave to someone out the window of the bus.  As we are learning strategies that real writers use in their work, I can see them file those in their toolboxes to pull out later in their writing.  I am already seeing progress in the way friends are adding details to their pictures, adding sounds to their words and ideas to their writing.

The most exciting part of being on this end of a student’s writing journey is the influence I have in helping them learn to see themselves as writers–and maybe even like it!  There were times that 5th grade writing was frustrating because there was such a hurdle to cross in getting them to believe they could do it.  Unfortunately, back then my friends had 5 years of believing the WEREN’T writers or that they HATED writing to try to overcome in the short amount of time of time we had together.  Now, I get to help these little friends start to see the power in their words and encourage them to do great things with them–for today and for years to come!

And so yeah…I’m kinda pumped about it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Becoming a Writer: It Starts Here!

  1. Just before bed tonight, Charlie brainstormed all sorts of stories he wants to write. It may have been a tactic to put off bedtime, but he is truly excited to go to school for Writers’ Workshop tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

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