Leader or Follower?

Happy Monday, friends!  I know I am ready for a great week of learning and discovery, and I hope you are, too!

I want to start this week thinking about our class meeting from Friday.  We discussed trouble we were having related to lines, both in the hallway and at the end of PE.  While we came up with a tentative solution (aka. boy, girl, boy, girl), it was also mentioned by several people that we ought to just follow the rules.  Do the right thing.  Get it together.

So here’s where you make it public.  Announcing your intentions helps all of the rest of us hold you accountable, but also support you as you go.  🙂  Leave a comment here and tell us what ONE SPECIFIC THING you will do this week to make our class better.  What will you do to make sure we have the best week ever?  It can be related to the line or just learning in general.

Now the decision is yours: will you be a leader or a follower?

17 thoughts on “Leader or Follower?

  1. Mrs. Bearden,

    My goal for this week will be: When I stand in the line, and I am by my friends, I will try my best NOT to talk. If somebody starts talking to me in a loud voice, I will ether: Put up the quiet sign, or not talk back to them. I will only answer that person if they talk to me in a whisper. 🙂

  2. The one thing is I am going to make better is, when people are in line talking I am going to say,”level one don’t forget about our class meeting”.

  3. I will try not to stand by people who I would talk with a lot and try to help others to listen and engage when I try to too.

  4. What I will do this week is, I will not talk in the lines so it will not be as loud in the hallway. So I will stand next to a boy in the line and hopefully at the end so I will not get distracted.
    Thank you for having the class
    meeting to help us solve our problems. Sincerely,Zoe

  5. I will be a leader because you get to do your own thing, to do the right thing. Sometimes i be a follower because i want to be like other people. Sometimes a talk I the hallways, talk to my friends.

  6. a lot of people talk at a level 1 voice because they want to. only to talk about the weekend, or the game, or etc. i will try to nicely remind people of the class meeting.

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