Today was a great day.   It was Thursday, which for some reason is my favorite school day of the week.  It was sunny and crisp outside, which is perfect for fall.  I didn’t have any meetings scheduled during the day or after (come on, you know that’s nice!).  And the date was 10-11-12.  How cool is that?  And really–we won’t see that again for another whole year when it’s 11-12-13.  So let’s celebrate it, right?

I just have to add that another thing that made today great was that we got to celebrate the birthday of a very special friend in our class.  But again, besides it just being her birthday, it was her GOLDEN birthday, so she turned 11 on 10-11-12.  A. Maz. Ing.  I’m jealous.  No really, I am.  My birthday is in November and has no hope of ever having any cool all-the-numbers-in-a-row things.  Oh, well, at least I have one, right?  Anyway, Happy Birthday, ZB!

How did you celebrate 10-11-12?  Was it your birthday today, too?  If so, Happy Birthday to you!

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