It’s My Blog-i-versary!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me!  I cannot believe it’s been a while year already!  Ok, actually it’s been a year and a week or so, but I was on vacation for the actual day.  So let’s celebrate now, how ’bout it? 🙂

I’m sure you were around since the beginning, but if you haven’t checked out the early days of 20somethingkids, here are a few posts from way back then–here, here and here.  It’s so funny to look back at the beginning of a journey, because it’s then that you realize how far you’ve come.  I laugh out loud when I read the first posts I wrote, because they’re really crude.  Not really written about anything.  But then, at that point I wasn’t really sure where my blog was going.  Or even where I wanted it to go.  And what’s funny is that it has gone places that I wouldn’t even have expected.

I’ve learned and shared things about myself over the last year, shared learning with my families, my colleagues and the world, and experienced so many new and exciting things with my class.  Even though I didn’t really have any expectations back then–expect that I’d try out the whole “blog” thing–I have to say that they’ve been exceeded.  I’ve had fun along the way and welcomed many new readers.  Hopefully one of those is you!

So as I begin another year in cyberspace, I welcome you to join me on the journey.  If you read and like what you see here, please share with your friends.  Invite them over for a read.  If you’re a reader, and you haven’t followed or commented yet, please do so!  I love to get feedback on what happens here, and I reply to every comment I get. 🙂

I’m excited to see what happens during the next year, as I begin another exciting learning year with another great bunch of 5th graders!  This year will also bring a whole new team of colleagues, a smaller class than I’ve had in YEARS (I’m starting out with only 20–nice, right? 🙂 ), Masters classes for me, and the beginning of incorporating Common Core standards.  I have many new technology ideas to try out, and I know I’ll have lots of lessons from kiddos that I’ll learn and will want to share.  You’ll want to be here for that, right?  Can’t wait to share it! 🙂

What’s been your favorite post from the first year of 20somethingkidsand1kookyteacher? What suggestions do you have for me? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! I really appreciate it!