I’m Moving!

If you’re a student (or parent) in my school, then by now you know about all of the change that will be happening next year!  While I’m really sad that my old friends and colleagues are leaving, I’m excited about the prospects of all the new opportunities, learning and experiences that will come my way.

I’m welcoming 3 (yep, I said 3!) new teammates to 5th grade.    I haven’t even been in the same room with them yet, but I need to give an official 20somethingkids shout-out to Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hong and Mr. Keischnick!  You are coming to an AMAZING school with AMAZING kids and AMAZING parents, and I know that you will bring even more amazingness to our team and our school community. 🙂

Oh, and the “I’m Moving” part–if you’re around school next year looking for me, I’m moving to Rm 202 next door.  I just couldn’t resist all the chalkboard paint Mrs. LeSeure was leaving behind…


9 thoughts on “I’m Moving!

  1. Woo hoo! A great year ahead? Thanks in advance for the support and mentoring you will be providing to THREE new teammate! They are lucky to have you! BTW~are you familiar with the four stages of team building?

  2. Welcome Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hong, and Mr. Keischnick!!! Robinson is an amazing place and Jennifer is an amazing teacher. You are very lucky! Good luck and have a wonderful year with your new team and new students.

  3. I can’t believe Makenna will be in 5th grade and have a team of 4 teachers to work with! I am imaging an amazing year and also an emotional year for me as my last kiddo finishes at Robinson.
    I think I’m still going to hang around there though. Mary’s going to need help in that huge library and I think you guys appreciate my Oreo Balls more than anybody we give them too, I can’t leave you hanging. 🙂

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