Rebuilding and Redecorating–Updates!

The other day I shared about how we’re rethinking, rebuilding and redecorating in Rm. 201.  I worked feverishly on Thursday and Friday last week, hoping to have most of our big moves done before the new week started today.  It didn’t happen, because eventually I had to go home :), so I continued working today, using the class’ ideas from the maps/plans they had made.

I’m still working on the last few details–labels on boxes, signs/charts/posters, reorganizing game/math shelf–but I had to share the new version of our room with you.  I know I said it before, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how all of these ideas came from my kids!  In all of the years I have been teaching, organizing and planning classrooms, I would never had put the furniture this way, but it is hands down my favorite plan ever.  The learners in my class really do know themselves well, and know what their space should look like for them to feel comfortable and relaxed and ready to dig in.

I apologize for some of these, it was late afternoon and there may be some shadows.  But I just couldn’t wait.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow in better light.  You’ll get the idea, though: our room looks and feels great!

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I wish I had taken pictures of the “before” the other day before I started moving stuff, but you can get a pretty good idea of what it used to look like if you go back to the early days of the blog–at least what it looked like when I started.  Maybe you can come see it in person someday.  It’s way better being there anyway, because then you can also see how great it feels!



6 thoughts on “Rebuilding and Redecorating–Updates!

    • Thanks! It’s been a while since we’ve “seen” you on here–welcome back! You’re right, they love it for that reason, but I think they also love it because I FINALLY cleaned out some places I’ve been talking about doing for months. No, really, it has a whole new uncluttered and clean feel. And uncluttered room makes for an uncluttered mind!

  1. I think this was a great exercise in democratizing your classroom, and was very courageous of you!

    My only wonder is, what happens next? Will the kids come in to a jumbled room next year and you start day 1 with room plans, geometric shapes, and thinking through writing? That would be news worthy if you could pull that off.

    • It’s funny you mention that, because I was actually talking to another teacher about how much sense that would make! What a great way to both build your classroom and your community at the same time! As you get to know each others as learners–which is always a part of the beginning days anyway–you decide together how to make the environment fit that. Not sure the logistics of it yet, but I am totally willing to try it!

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