Subs, Family and Diet Dr. Pepper

So I could have entitled this post “Things I am Thankful For,” but decided I’d use a sampling for what I’m going to write on my list instead.  Got your attention, too, right?

Being that Thanksgiving is this week, and also because it’s probably been a bit too long since I’ve done so, I’m going to take a few minutes to make a list of things I am lucky to have, things I am thankful for, things with which I have been blessed.  So please indulge me for a few minutes, especially if this post veers away from the “classroom” theme for a while.  I promise I’ll come back eventually. 🙂

So here we go (in no particular order–well except for #1!):

1. Family–It’s probably cliche’ to start with this, but it’s definitely the truth: without my family–the one I was born into and the one I’ve created myself–I would not be who I am.  From the earliest moment I remember with my parents and my brother, to the memories I just made this weekend with my hubby in Chicago, the experiences I have shared with the people I love helped to create this version of me.  I am so lucky to have such amazing parents who live in town and get to love on my kids as much (and as often) as they like.  My brother’s family is here, too, which I love.  Then there’s my own little family.  I may very well be the luckiest lady around.  I have the most amazing husband and kids that I could ever hope for.  I may just have to take some time in another post soon to tell you all of the reasons why!  For now, I’ll share a picture of all of those lovely people from a recent photo shoot.  Thanks LeSeure Photography for taking care of us!

2. Subs–Like as in substitute teachers, not sub sandwiches. 🙂  Last week I was out 3 days–2 totally unexpected because I was sick, and 1 planned as a personal day.  Regardless of the reason, though, I wouldn’t have be able to be gone were it not for the countless substitute teachers that are available to take over for me.  I would not have been able to spend an amazing 10 weeks with my new baby last winter were it not for amazing subs like Linda Spina whom I could trust to handle the reins while I was gone.  And believe me, if you think teaching is hard, substitute teaching is 10, no 100, times harder!  I did it.  4 times.  4 half days.  And that’s all I could stand.  It takes an amazing person to be able to step into someone else’s shoes for the day, and I’m so glad that they are there to do it for me.

3. Diet Dr. Pepper–All the goodness of Dr. Pepper with no calories and no sugar!  Need I say more?

4. Mistakes–I have this crazy expectation of myself that I am going to do everything perfectly the first time I try, but obviously that’s not how it works.  I mess up.  Often.  And sometimes in a really big way.  But what I love about those mess-ups is that I always learn something from them.  And the best mistakes, in my opinion, happen in my classroom.  If you ask any of my students, they will tell you that I don’t know everything.  *GASP!* I know, it’s unbelievable, but it’s true.  And they know that because I make sure to tell them.  I try to make sure that if I don’t know something, that I’m honest and I say so.  And sometimes, on really great occasions, a kid in my class does know about that something, and they teach me about it (just ask Colby: he taught us about how the number 1 is a special number that is not prime or square).  Or we’ll learn about it together.  It’s the mistakes I make that help me grow and learn and how I become more confident in my abilities.  The same is true with kids.  The important part–and the part I work really hard to make sure is in place–is that they have a safe place to make those mistakes; a place where they know that it’s ok, that we’re all in it together.

5. Laughter–I love to laugh.  I love it when I am having a really crummy day and someone says something at just the right time and I can’t help but crack up.  And then I can’t be cranky anymore because I’m smiling so big.  I love how laughter brings us together.  In our classroom, as well as in my own home, we laugh alot.  And at weird things.  It just makes those places more fun to spend time in.  Got a good joke to share?  I’ll tell you one that I got while I was trick-or-treating with my kids last month:

My neighbor asked me if I wanted to hear a joke.  I said, yes, and then she said, “The Texas Rangers.”  HA!  I did laugh at loud at that one.  (Do you get it?  The Rangers?  They’re a joke?  Get it?  Ok, not the best written joke ever, but funny nonetheless. 🙂

6. Fall, Rain and November–Check out this post from earlier this month to see my thoughts on this time of year at school.  I LOVE IT!!

I should probably keep going and going and going, because I’m sure to leave something important off the list and inadvertently offend someone, but I guess that’s all for now.

And now it’s your turn:  what are you thankful for?  Leave a comment and tell us!

5 thoughts on “Subs, Family and Diet Dr. Pepper

  1. Like you, I am thankful for family (and friends), laughter and teachers (not just subs). I am also thankful for the freedoms we have in this country and for the men and women who serve to protect them. And on a similar note, I am thankful for all people who give their time, talents and resources to help those in need.

  2. I am thankful for having a place to live and a family to live with . Do you like Dr. Pepper 10 as much as diet Dr. Pepper ? Do they taste different or the same?

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