The Excitement is Building

I have been sharing our blog with my kiddos over the last few days.  Thought they should know what amazing things people were saying about them!  They were so proud that readers all over the internet were finding out about the really cool things they are doing in school.

So as we left today, I figured I’d ask them what they thought I should write about tonight.  My last question as we were dismissing was, “What happened today that was ‘blog-worthy’?”  I loved their answers; they thought of things I hadn’t even considered.  So the next few blog posts are their answers to today’s question.

I love that they are as excited as me about this!  Hopefully your excitement is growing, too, as you follow along with us!

3 thoughts on “The Excitement is Building

  1. We are doing very well in school so far!I think that you are doing very well with this blog Miss. Bearden.

    Evan Coker

  2. Evan, it is so cool that you offered a compliment to your teacher. She is really trying something new and I know your comment meant a lot. Have you ever done something new that made you kind of nervous? Mrs. Sisul

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